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Your car is a major investment, whether you use it for fun or function or both. The experts at The Final Finish make sure any auto body repair or custom car restoration service they perform at their Branford, Connecticut, location is completed meticulously, so you can get your car back on the road safely.

While The Final Finish experts are certainly capable of just about any car bodywork, they specialize in custom car and Corvette restoration and modification. They understand the little nuances and unique aspects of Corvettes, and they know the best ways to restore classic Corvettes to peak condition. With more than 30 years of experience working with, repairing, and restoring custom cars, The Final Finish has become more than just an auto body repair shop in Branford. Their custom car bodywork has reached national recognition with features in Super Chevy and Corvette Fever magazines.

If you have a project or custom car in Connecticut you are ready to take to the next level, The Final Finish can get that vehicle looking and driving better than it ever has before. Even if your car simply got in an accident and needs bodywork, The Final Finish will work with your insurance company to handle any auto body repair you need.

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