Even a minor collision can ruin your ride. A scratch in the parking lot, a dent from a shopping cart, a fender bender on the road, even loose stones can ruin the impeccable exterior you work so hard to keep polished and clean. A more severe accident can cause lasting damage to the body of your vehicle as well as exterior paint, and completely ruin the image of your vehicle. The Final Finish provides complete collision repair in Branford, Connecticut, to restore the beauty of your sportscar, muscle car, vintage car, motorcycle and more.

Our auto body shop in Branford, Connecticut, specializes in restoration and collision repair services for all types of cars and all types of accidents. We take great pride in all of our work, and we understand how much each car means to our customers. Whether you are a car collector, auto enthusiast or you have been saving for your dream car, you simply want your vehicle to look its best. From the elegant details of a classic Shelby Mustang, or a vintage Chevy Coupe, to the pristine look of your modern luxury Mercedes, we perform a full range of auto body repairs to eliminate damage and preserve the authentic look of your vehicle.

If you have been in a collision with your classic car, luxury car, sports car or any other vehicle, contact us today for impeccable auto body repair.