If you have been in an accident, the frame and chassis of your vehicle may be damaged. Without proper auto frame repair, you may lose not only the exceptional outward appearance of your vehicle, but its functionality and operation may suffer as well. We provide professional chassis repair in Branford, Connecticut, to restore all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and more, to full physical and operational order.

Your car frame is the most vital part of your vehicle’s appearance and also keeps you safe as you drive. To restore the original look and feel of your vehicle, and keep it looking stunning, exceptional repairs start with experienced car frame repair. We provide frame straightening and other frame repairs for cars, as well as complete motorcycle frame repair and motorcycle frame straightening. We have experience with vintage, custom, luxury and classic cars and motorcycles, and we have the tools and expertise for all frame and chassis repair at our shop in Branford, Connecticut.

A collision does not have to take your prized car or motorcycle off the road. Get professional motorcycle frame straightening and the best chassis repair for your vehicle. Call (203) 488-5166 today and tell us about your vehicle.