Classic cars include some of the greatest automakers best examples of automotive perfection, from the engine to the interiors to the exteriors and everything in between. As the premier auto restoration shop in Connecticut, we help keep these amazing cars in pristine shape with complete vintage car restoration for automobiles of all types.

Classic car restoration requires a mastery of auto body repair and finishing. A vintage car can easily be damaged and its authentic look ruined by inexperienced restorers. We are expert classic car restorers with the tools and experience to tackle any job, from minor repairs like scratches and dents to complete antique car restoration. Our old car restoration techniques ensure the look and feel of the period remain the same, while protecting the vehicle’s integrity and making it look polished and new again.

When you bring your car in to our classic vehicle restoration ship in Branford, Connecticut, you will leave with a beautifully restored, vintage masterpiece. From a 1928 Ford Model A to a 1948 Chevy Coupe to a 1967 Corvette and many more, we complete any classic, vintage or antique car restoration.
Trust your family heirloom or prized vintage car to an experienced classic car restoration shop. Contact us to get a quote for classic vehicle restoration in Branford, Connecticut.