When you have a stand-out car, like a 1964 Corvette, a vintage 1968 Dodge Dart 270, a classic Shelby Mustang, or a brand new Camaro, you want custom paint work that matches its exceptional exterior. The Final Finish specializes in custom auto bodywork in Branford, Connecticut, to match the style of the vehicle and the unique image you are looking for. You will find a long line of amazing cars that have come through our custom auto body shop and have come out looking spectacular. Whether the exterior is simply worn-out, the vehicle has been damaged, or you simply want a unique look, our custom auto paint will make your car a showpiece.

Our custom car shop performs more than a custom paint job or bodywork repairs. Classic car lovers, car show enthusiasts, collectors and more come to our custom auto body shop from all over Branford, all over the state and across the East Coast for a look that is authentic and true to the vehicle’s history, and still turns heads today. From the smallest pinstriped details to a new layer of smooth, perfectly tinted paint, to repairs on the little nicks and scratches, we work on the little things and the big things to make your vehicle a true beauty.

Give us a call at (203) 488-5166, or visit our custom auto body shop, to get a quote for custom auto body work and a custom paint job in Branford, Connecticut.