Street rods allow car enthusiasts to recreate one of the best, most distinctive and earliest eras in auto history. The best thing about custom street rods is you can create the exact rod you want and put your own personality into the design. Our experienced custom car builders can help you build a custom street rod the way you envision and make every piece come together seamlessly. Classic cars are a part of our DNA and our fully outfitted street rod shop in Branford, Connecticut, can help you make your masterpiece at any step in the process.

From fitting and assembly to painting and finishing to parts ordering, maintenance, custom body work, street rod part chroming and much more, we give you a wide array of equipment, techniques and expertise to make any style of street rod. We are auto experts that specialize in vintage and classic cars, and we can assist you with custom or historic custom street rod building in Branford, Connecticut. Build your one-of-a-kind phantom 1937 Ford coupe, a nostalgic vintage roadster, a classic Model T, a glamourous Tudor, or another vintage custom rod of your choice.

Build the historic dream car you always visualized and get experienced custom street rod building assistance from our team in Branford, Connecticut. Call (203) 488-5166, send a message or visit for more information.